Portable Radio Basics

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Portable Radio Basics

Standard operational procedures for the Kenwood 5210 portable radios.

Battery and Controls

Batteries should be checked and changed Regularly, and just a few controls do most of what we need.

Battery Removal and Replacement

Open the locking clip, then press on the release lever and lift. To replace, engage the top tabs and press down till it clicks, then close the locking clip

Battery Release
Configuration “A-Dot-2”

Tour of the Top

Besides On-Off-Volume, we will use the Concentric Switch, Selector Knob, and Lever Switch. We’ll call this configuration “A-Dot-2”.

Power On!

Your display should start off looking like one of these two. Please turn the volume all the way down.

The Concentric Switch

Move it to position “C” to unlock. Now that we know how it works, how about a catchy way to remember it?

Let’s Change Zones!

Pressing “D” to move up through the zones. It will circle back around.

What the Heck is a “Zone” Anyway?

It’s just a logical grouping of talkgroups, and/or a way to get more of them on the radio.

Radio Template

Template Card

There should be one of these in every vehicle. Some information needs to be updates to match the radio display.

Selector Knob

Zones move us back and forth across the card, while channels (talkgroups) move us up and down.

Selector Knob in Blue

Up and Down the Template

Change to Zone 2, then turn the selector knob up to talkgroup 5 and back to 1..

Quick Change Artistry

Sometimes you just wanna run home to mama. We’ve got buttons for that.

Selector Lever in Yellow

Channel Direct

Move the Selector Lever to the Circle position to access the Channel Direct function from any zone or talkgroup.

Back to Where We Live

Flip the lever ending on the “DC’s”, then walk up and down through the list.

Avoid Accidental Adjustments

When you’re busy, you don’t want things getting changed unintentionally. Lock the radio.

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