After more than six months since having a proper training meeting, we are going to move forward with the regularly scheduled one this Tuesday, 29 October. All COVID safety protocols will be observed. Hope to see everyone there!

Trails Fire Thank-You and Donation

In our last newsletter we reviewed our response to the Trails Fire. We received a letter from the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department thanking us for our assistance in fighting this fire which threatened homes in The Trails and Blue Lake.

The Trails HOA has gone above and beyond to thank the 18 fire departments that responded to the 400+ acre fire on August 13, 2020. Homes were saved – many at the last possible moment before the advancing flames reached them. These grateful neighbors delivered handwritten thank you notes to the homes of the members of our department who were on the fire scene, as well as a thank you note to our entire department for saving their homes. The notes are quite touching and are a clear indication that our service was truly appreciated.

In addition, the Trails HOA formed a fund-raising committee and set a goal – NOT just any ole goal – a $100,000 target. AND they reached that goal. Recently, local fire chiefs and members of some of the departments met at the Horseshoe Bay City Hall to ceremonially receive their portion of the funds raised. Brooks Frederick, Don Black, and Dan Gower proudly represented our department.

Upon receiving the donation, Chief Frederick stated “The Sunrise Beach VFD depends solely on donations and fundraisers for the annual budget of $70,000. This has been a year of cancelled fundraisers that provide roughly half of our income. The generosity of the Trails HOA through their fundraiser will provide operational funds for fuel, replacement tires and maintenance of the fleet of attack vehicles. We deeply appreciate this support and are proud of the job done during the firefight that day”.

Activity Update

Calls Since Last Month

Our medical 1st responders have been on 11 medical calls, one resulting in Air Evac landing at the airport at 2:35 in the morning. Brush One and Brush Two responded to the airport to secure the LZ. After the EMS crews consulted, the patient was transported by ambulance and Air Evac released. All LZ operations went smoothly for the helicopter arrival and departure.

We have had no fire calls other than to set up the LZ mentioned above.

Flu Shot Clinic

Sixty flu vaccinations were given by HEB nurses at the annual SBVFD Flu Shot clinic at Station One. The record number resulted in running out of vaccine doses before the clinic was scheduled to end. This annual event provides an opportunity for our citizens to get their vaccinations without leaving the city.

Stations and Equipment

The water collection tank and truck fill at Station One is completed and operational. The project was partially funded by a grant from the LCRA Community Development Partnership Program. The LCRA grant funded $15,200 of the $22,098 project budget. The 13,500-gallon tank and electric pump system will fill our trucks considerably faster than the city water supply system at Station One.

The tank will kept at a minimum level of 9,000 gallons, leaving the remaining 4,500-gallon capacity to be filled with rainwater collected from the station roof. The total water capacity of our fleet is 8,300 gallons. The operation of the system will be explained at our next training meeting. The new department logo is displayed on front of the water tank. When parking personal vehicles at the station please be careful not to block the driveway on the side of the building.

Fund Raising and Donations

As you know, our department relies on donations and fundraisers for income. All of our fundraisers were cancelled this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In 2019, net income from fund raisers and the Auxiliary was $66,200. Year-to-date total net income for 2020 from fund raising is $13,578 thanks to golf tournament sponsors and players donating their prepaid monies when the tournament was cancelled. However year-to-date donation income is $128,757 compared to $60,654 as of this date last year.

This year’s income donations include The Trails HOA donation, a $50,000 donation from the estate of former member and chief Sy Schiffman, and a $6,000 donation from The Capital Area Home Finance Corporation. These donations have helped us in what could have been a lean year with the lost income from fund raisers.

Request for Action

Because we are not having regular training meetings, the regular cleaning of the station is not being done. I prefer not to schedule specific units or individuals at this time. Once we get back to training, I will have a schedule posted, as in the past. In lieu, of a rigid schedule, I am asking for you to volunteer your time, come up and help keep Station One and Station Two in good order. This includes, sweeping and mopping the training rooms, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms and keeping the freezer full of bags of ice. In addition, I would like those of you that assist in this area to send me a text or email to let me know what task you completed.

Address Signs

We are still in the business of selling blue reflective 911 signs. Please encourage your neighbors to get one if they do not yet have one.

On a Lighter Note…

Thanks for Reading!

It won’t be long before we will be back to our regular routine of meetings, hands-on training and fundraising planning. Until then, I hope this helps keep you all informed of what is going at this time. If you have any questions or have anything you want posted next time, please let Bill Daly or me know. Thank you for everything each of you do for our community!

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