New VFD Email Setup

First of all, thanks for choosing to use the Sunrise Beach VFD email system. We have worked hard to provide a tool that will enhance our communication capabilities within the department, and present a more polished and professional image when interacting with citizens, donors, other departments, and businesses.

The purpose of this post is to explain what happens when your new account is created and show how to setup your password. You can then choose other posts that explain how to access your new email from Android or iOS mobile devices. Instructions for access from a computer client or Web browser will be added shortly.

About our email system

Our system is 100% compatible with the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), a worldwide standard used by email clients to retrieve messages from mail servers. That means any device that can access other email systems (Gmail, iMail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.) will work with ours. We also employ full SSL/TLS encryption, which means that your messages are as secure as any modern technology can be.

OK, enough background. Let’s get started!

As soon as your new email account is created, the system sends an automated message to whichever personal email address (Gmail. etc.) that we have on file for you. It will look something like this:

You’ll notice that it is from an unusual-looking address: Don’t worry – that is just the Control Panel of the server that hosts all of our systems, VFDWeb. If you think you should have gotten one of these but can’t find it, please check your junk, spam etc. first. If still no luck, let us know and we will re-generate it for you.

This message will confirm your new address, and provide a clickable link used to set your password. Please click the link as shown above, and your Web browser should then take you to a cPanel page at that looks like this:

Again, your new address will be shown. The two white boxes are where you enter and confirm your new password, and there is also a button to generate one for you if you prefer.

Note the password strength indicator (yellow bar below “Generate). That indicates the complexity score of the password you entered, which must be at least “50” to be acceptable. In general, anything at least eight characters long, with mixed case, a number, and/or a special character will get you there.

A quick word about passwords and security: While no online system is 100% safe, ours is very, very good. Not even our administrators can view your password once it is set – though we can change it for you upon request. In short, it is perfectly fine to use a password here that you may also be using somewhere else. The most important things are that it be fairly complex, and be something you remember or have recorded somewhere safe.

OK, once you enter and confirm an acceptable password, click “Set Password” and you will be taken to this new cPanel page:

That’s it! You can close your browser – your email password is set and your box is ready to use. Please don’t click the “Log in to Webmail” button – it won’t hurt anything, but you will be taken through a bunch of other screens and questions that are unnecessary for what we want to accomplish right now.

You can now configure your email on your mobile device(s). Whenever you are ready, simply select which type of device you want to set and we’ll show you the steps:

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