VFD Email Setup for Android

Android gives you the option to install and use various apps for email, so no set of instructions can cover all of the possibilities. However, email setup on (especially on newer devices) has become fairly automated. You generally only need three pieces of information: username (your full email address, e.g. “donb@sunrisebeachvfd.org”, your email password (created earlier), and the server name which is always “mail.sunrisebeachvfd.org”.

We are going to walk through all of the screens using Gmail as the client app on a new Pixel 3, running the latest version of stock Android. Regardless of the app or the phone, the process is the same: you are simply adding an IMAP email account. Here are the sequences of clicks. If no click is shown, type in the requested info and click “Next” (click any image to enlarge):

Here is the first sequence of clicks (click any image to enlarge):

Next you’ll set the account type, and provide your email address and password:

The server name is always “mail.sunrisebeachvfd.org”

The sweet smell of success!

Don’t forget to enter the name you want to appear on outgoing messages.

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