Annual Giving Campaign 2019

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Your tax-deductible donation helps make sure that we are always ready when you need us.

Goals and Progress

In 2018, 22% of Sunrise Beach households donated during the Giving Campaign, for a total of $49,000. Our goal in 2019 is to increase both the participation rate and total giving by just over 50%, to 35% of households and $75,000.

Thank You to Our Supporters

We are proud to recognize our Giving Level donations of $150 or more. The names are now listed alphabetically to make them easier to find. Please keep in mind that many choose to remain anonymous.

$1,500 or More

Chief’s Circle Supporters

Judy and Palmer Moe
Anonymous (3 Donors)

$750 or More

Captain Level Supporters

David and Diane Alberthal
The Barrios Family
James and Jennifer Blankenship
Billy K. Gryder
E.M. Helmann
Luci Baines Johnson
Shirley D. Muery
Anonymous (1 Donor)

$250 or More

Lieutenant Level Supporters

Ken and Cynthia Atkins
Tim Beets and Leah Stewart
Leo and Janelle Boutte
Mike and Lynne Byrd
Michael and Connie Center
Jack and Vicki Coley
Jack and Peg Crownover
Percy Franklin Ranch
Gerry & Patti Gamble
David and Charlotte Hays
Dean Higgins
Ann Houy
Darren Hughes
Robert and Jonell Johnson
Donn Kingsley
John and Maureen Laage
Jim and Merrel Long
Mosca’s Restaurant and Bar
Rob and Pam Orr
Henrik Palme
Mike and Sheryl Perkins
Ed and Amy Phillips
The Phillips Family
Marcia and James Remore
Gorman and Marietta Ritchie
Michael and Julie Roye
Lewis Russell
Sandy Mountain Church
Gerry Saum
Gordon and Carol Schrank
John and Evelyn Schwin
In Honor of Roger J. Seguin
Victor and Sharla Sirgo
Matt Shuford
Tom and Shirley Sloan
Thomas and Jennifer Stansbury
Scott and Laurie Tinsley
Kaye and Matt Van Wicklen
Randy and Carol Vogel
Anonymous (17 Donors)

$150 or More

First Responder Level Supporters

Michael and Cynthia Allen
Thomas and Tericia Armstrong
Michael and Dena Arnold
John and Karen Barbe
Tony and Kim Bartys
Baylor Family Trust
Barbara and Randy Bell
Steve and Brenda Best
Dennis and Judy Bettison
Boening Brother’s Dusting and Spraying
Duane Boyd
Judy Buchanan
Mildred “Mickey” Burton
Fred and Linda Butler
Janice and Steve Campbell
Austin, Russell and Jeffrey Charlton
Wade and Jennifer Cleary
John and Winona Connor
Joyce Cunyus and Family
Michael and Georgia Daugherty
Maria Davis
Patricia Day
Henry and Trudy Decuir
Gerry Dobberfuhl
Mike and Sabrina Drewry
Wade and Kathy Edens
Thomas and Jacqueline Ennis
Nelson Finch
In Memory of Jerry Frazier
Thomas Gordon
Bill and Karen Gray
Don and Karen Hendricks
Lee Anne and Stuart C. Hendry
William and Diann Hogan
Debra and Kelly Jacobsen
Chuck and Sharon Jenson
David and Cheri Jones
Robin Joyner
Monette and Terry Littlepage
The Lodge at Lake LBJ
Kathleen Maxfield
William and Michelle Lowe
Mason Family
Tim and Annette McCormick
Karen McNutt
Mesa Diversified LLC
Victor and Beverley Michalk
Buzz and Connie Miller
Larry D. and Debbie Moore
Jonathan Morgan Trust
James Myers
Kelly and Carla Newton
Brian and Margaret Nilson
Owens Okaly
Frank and Barbara Ottis
Pam Parsons and Frank Capps
Sue and Sam Peace
Marvin Porter III
Timothy and Carla Propes
Kathleen Randle
James and Bonnie Richards
Richard and Joanne Riley
Mary Ritter
Charlie and Barb Ruggles
Paul and Kathryn Ruppenthal
Durval and Cheryl Russ
Hannah Temple and Chris Sanders
In Memory of Col. (Ret) Jim Sawyer
Terry and Dianne Scalise
Frank Serpas Sr.
Myrle and Claxton Seely
Thomas and Linda Short
Jeffrey and Terrie Simmons
Wilson Speir
Richard and Hazel Stumpf
David Tapp
Terpstra Partnership LP
Michael and Karen Thomas
TTA Properties LLC
James and Jane Tunnell
V&GNH Partnership LP
Jennifer and Brian Wagner
Jerry Walton
Sam and Gloria Warren
Jean Glass and Erle Weekley
Blake and Alyssa West
Bob Wickern and Larry Dunlap
Rocky and Susan Wilcox
Virgil and Renee Yanta
Anonymous (24 Donors)

Nine significant wildfires in one eight-week period

2018: An Extraordinary Year

By the time it was over, we had exceeded our projected budget by more than $13,000

A Brutal Ten-Day Stretch From Our Twitter Feed

Through it all, we continued to handle normal EMS and fire protection duties at home. This pace takes quite a toll on resources, personnel, and equipment.

Our basic operating costs average $50,000 annually.

An Expensive Business

Here is what we spend yearly on everyday expenses – the same kind that you deal with in your household. And like you, we also have to plan for unusual years and big future expenditures.

The simple truth is that all of the trucks, equipment, and protective gear we use in our firefighting and EMS duties is expensive; after all, it must be able to defend your health, safety, and property while simultaneously protecting the unpaid volunteers who are responding to help you.

  • Training and Certification: $7,600
  • EMS Supplies: $4,300
  • Insurance: $7,400
  • Protective Gear: $4,800
  • Vehicle Maintenance: $9,200
  • Station Maintenance: $5,800
  • Communication: $3,500
  • Admin: $2,700


Automated External Defibrillator


Handheld Portable Radio


Protective Gear – EACH Firefighter


Wildland / Brush Fire Truck


Primary Structure Fire Engine

Our Giving Level Awards

All donations are greatly appreciated! This is simply our way to show a little extra gratitude.


First Responder

Includes recognition on the website (if desired) and a “Sunrise Beach VFD Supporter” window decal.



Includes First Responder awards plus VIP seating and service at the annual Memorial Day BBQ



Includes Lieutenant awards plus two free meals at the annual Memorial Day BBQ, a special recognition event at Fire Station One with a catered meal and VIP tour, and a commemorative item.


Chief’s Circle

Earn Grandparent of the Year! Includes Captain awards plus your choice of two people to ride on our Fire Engine in the July Fourth parade, or a personal visit to your home by the Fire Engine.

Special Selection

Donor of the Year

One supporter will be chosen Donor of the Year, and will have their name engraved on a plaque at Fire Station One, enjoy a private dinner with the Chief and Senior Officers, and be recognized at our annual Awards Banquet in December.

Make Your Online Donation Now

About recognition of your donation on our website:

We are proud to recognize all donations of $150 or more on this website. By default, we will list the Billing Name exactly as entered below. If you would like us to show something else (your company name, “The Smith Family”, etc.) or you wish to remain anonymous, please include specific instructions in the Notes field below. Thank you!

Online donations are temporarily disabled for mainetnance.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have our system restored soon. Please contact us directly to make your donation offline.

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