Board Meeting 20 December 2022

Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held 16 November, 2022

Submitted by Mike Crabill

The meeting was called to order at 1826 hours by Don Black. Members present were Don Black, Lou Henson, Brooks Frederick, Dan Gower, and Mike Crabill. Also present were Jim Miiller, Sharon Sanders, and Dena Arnold.

Consent Items

  • Budget adjustment – It was brought to the Boards attention that the fuel cost for the year, to this point, is overbudget by $564.
  • A motion was made and seconded to increase the overall budget from $71,300 to $72,300 and increase the fuel budget from $3000 to $4000. The motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made and seconded to approve the consent Items. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • The Board discussed the pros and cons for buying a replacement drop tank for Engine 2. Most agreed that we do not use or need this item currently.
  • A motion was made and seconded not spend funds on a replacement Drop Tank for Engine 2. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business

  • During the past month there were two email votes taken by the Board:
    • The first vote was for the purchase of a new Breathing Air compressor and related items. The old compressor is broken and will cost several thousands of dollars to fix. It does not have the capacity to fill the new MSA bottles to the 4500 pounds operating pressure. A motion was made and approved for the allocation of up to $30,000 for the purchase of a new compressor. The motion passed unanimously.
    • The second email vote was for the purchase of 1 additional Motorola Radio Head. It was discovered that we miscounted our needs and were one radio short for the number of units we have. A motion was made and approved to allocate an additional $7,000 for the purchase of the Radio. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Jim Miiller informed the Board that we were going to need a new Apparatus service group. Lance Fire Apparatus and Repair would be going out of business.
  • There was a motion and a second to approve the 2023 Budget using the 2022-dollar figures, with two exceptions:
    • Increase the fuel budget by $1,000.
    • Add $2,000 for a new category for Community Services and Education.
    • This would increase the Departments overall budget by $3,000. This Motion passed unanimously.
  • Don Black had finished and presented to each member of the Board a new set of Bylaws for the Department. There was discussion on this item, but no action was taken. The Board will re-visit this at the December meeting.
  • The Board also discussed a new list of items for Capital expenditures. The new list includes the following:
    • Purchase of new Fire Hose – all units
    • Purchase of additional Rescue tools, cribbing, and shoring equipment
    • The purchase of a new Service Body for Command 1. This is to make it more user friendly as an Incident Command Vehicle
    • Improvements to Station One. Possibility of adding additional concrete to the aprons.
    • The purchase of a Drone to assist with Wild land fire operations.

Meeting adjourned at 2023.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Lou Henson, Board Treasurer

Revenue Thru November 2022

Source  Income  Expenses Net Projected Difference
Total for FY 2022 $202,859 $26,933 $175,926 $159,950 $15,976
Miscellaneous $4,482 $0 $4,482 $3,750 $732
Donations $4,550 $0 $4,550 $6,100 $1,550
Memorials and Bequests $8,925 $0 $8,925 $0 $8,925
Giving Campaign $83,260 $0 $83,260 $74,300 $8,960
Golf Tournament $36,811 $13,048 $23,763 $20,900 $2,863
Memorial Day BBQ $20,684 $5,993 $14,691 $10,900 $3,791
Sip and Stroll $12,134 $1,443 $10,691 $13,800 $3,109
Bass Tournament $22,465 $6,448 $16,017 $17,800 $1,783
Llano County Support $9,300 $0 $9,300 $9,300 $0
TFS Rural VFD Insurance and Training $248 $0 $248 $3,100 $2,852

Operating Budget Thru November 2022

Budget Category Actual Budget Difference
Total for FY 2022 $48,338 $72,300 $23,962
Administrative $4,964 $5,500 $536
Communication $3,754 $4,500 $746
EMS and FRO $2,732 $5,500 $2,768
Responder Gear $536 $6,500 $5,964
Apparatus $11,054 $16,000 $4,946
Fuel $3,880 $4,000 $121
General Maintenance $5,905 $9,000 $3,095
Insurance $9,450 $10,300 $851
Training $1,122 $5,000 $3,878
Utilities $4,941 $6,000 $1,059

Capital Budget Thru November 2022

Item Projected Actual Grant Awarded Net 
Total For FY 2022 $239,675 $275,995 $101,402 $101,402 $174,593
SCBA (2021 ) $97,000 $107,051 $81,402 $81,402 $25,649
Responder Gear (2021) $40,000 $51,828 $20,000 $20,000 $31,828
Air Fill System (2021) $15,460 $16,456 $0 $0 $16,456
Water Tank Station Two $25,000 $12,618 $0 $0 $12,618
Portable Radios  $25,000 $51,045 $0 $0 $51,045
Lucas Device $15,000 $17,287 $0 $0 $17,287
Hurst Ram $7,215 $8,285 $0 $0 $8,285
Explorer $15,000 $11,425 $0 $0 $11,425

Cash Flow November 2022

Item Actual Totals
Beginning Checking Account Balance   $360,584
Income $108,849  
Expenses $12,892  
Ending Checking Account Balance   $456,541
Certificates of Deposit. $54,534  
Auxiliary Checking Account $32,149  
Total Cash Assets 30 November 2022   $543,224

Chief’s Report

Submitted by Dan Gower

Medical Calls to date – 110
Fire Calls to date – 31

  • After a lull in the 911-calls, we have had several lately.
  • The old compressor for the cascade system was picked up for repair on Thursday. The new compressor is on order.
  • The radios for mobiles are all on hand now and ready for Bearcom to program them. On Monday, 19 December, the last of the 191 handhelds will be delivered and we can then sort them by department and assign aliases to them in preparation for Bearcom to come and program them.  We can ask Llano SO for retention of old radios. Funds are limited due to the monthly charge for radios on the GATTRS network. I recommend at the least that we retain the two newest Kenwood radios. New call-signs for vehicles and for the remaining 21 new handhelds have been developed.
  • Worked with Laurie Brock on the Llano/San Saba County Hazard Mitigation Committee – several hazards and risk mitigation strategies are on the list of projects to seek funding for. In discussions with city employees regarding the installation of a third water tank at Sandy Park, Sean Schreiber, Water Department Head, questioned “Why don’t we install fire hydrants?” – He went on to explain that if we install hydrants on 8” water mains we can rapidly fill trucks/engines from city water without any problem. He is researching equipment and supplies necessary to effect this and we briefly discussed 10 locations to place hydrants. The main risk to the city water supply system would be “water hammer.” The one caveat is that the flow of water would probably NOT be sufficient to “fight fire” directly from the hydrants by pumping water directly from the hydrant through a pumper/engine. But, water refill would be consistent and readily available and not dependent on long “commute” times between the two/three tanks. More to follow as “data” is assembled. I would be a recommendation to consider two options – 1) partnering with the city and purchasing the hydrants 2) applying for FEMA AFG grant next cycle. I think option 2 would be a “slam dunk” approval.
  • There are three persons signed up for TEEX ECA training. Candice and I will discuss with them our expectations of them prior to allowing them to go to school and expend funds.
  • The meeting with the ISO representative has been pushed back to 17 January – that same day is the next day for clean-up of RR 2233 as a joint effort with the CCAA.
  • Working with Waste Connections to change our garbage collection from two roll-outs to a 3 or 4 cubic yard dumpster. AND, waste connections will not charge us for the service.

Auxiliary Report

None Submitted

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • The FY23 Funding Meeting #1 was held October 12, 2022. We were # 47 in line for a Large Brush Truck. Ten Large Brush Trucks were funded at the October 2022 meeting.
  • Application ($20,000) submitted October 25, 2021 with the intent to use for a drafting pump and equipment to be placed on a trailer. The FY23 Funding Meeting #1 was held October 12, 2022. We were # 338 in line. 33 Fire/Rescue Grants were funded at the Oct 2022 meeting.


  • The next grant application period opens January 1, 2023 and closes January 31, 2023. Should the VFD want to submit a grant application, a project needs to be determined and a quote received before December 31. Previously a Fire Boat had been mentioned, although we submitted a FEMA grant application for a fireboat.

Old Business

2023 Capital Budget Discussion

Finalize 2023 capital budget.

Revised Bylaws Discussion

Here is a link to an online copy of the proposed revision: Bylaws Revised 2022

New Business

None at this time.

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