The 2019 Sunrise Beach VFD Auxiliary

Lake LBJ Bass Tournament

All proceeds benefit the Sunrise Beach Volunteer Fire Department

At McNair Park in Sunrise Beach

Saturday, October 19th

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First through Third
75% of entry fees received by 19 October will be paid to the winners.
Additional Winners
One additional winner will be awarded for every 25 entries received.
Other Prizes
Drawings for merchandise and other prizes donated by our sponsors.


Angler Registration

Registration is over, but please come back next year!

Registration is over for 2019!

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Tournament Rules

Fees, Dates, Times, and Prizes
Legal Requirements
Boats and Equipment
Fishing Rules
Tournament Policies
  • Boat registration and payment of $125 entry fee ($100 on or before 18 September, 2019) must be completed by mail or on line by 7:00 AM the day of the tournament, 19 October, 2019.
  • Cash Prizes will be paid to first, second and third place winners, with total prize money equal to 75% of all entry fees received by 19 October, 2019. One winner’s place will be added for every 25 entries.
  • Anglers cannot make their first cast before the tournament starting time at 7:00 AM.
  • The official weigh-in will be held at McNair Park, 211 Park Road, in Sunrise Beach at 3:00 PM.
  • Any angler who begins early or is late to the weigh-in will be disqualified!
  • All State, Federal, and Local laws and regulations must be obeyed!
  • All fish – Largemouth, Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted or Guadalupe Bass must be a minimum of fourteen (14) inches long.
  • All fish will be measured at the weigh-in using an official Check-It Stick board.
  • If a short fish is brought to the official weigh-in, that angler will be disqualified!
  • All fishing shall be done from a boat that is equipped with an aerated live well to ensure survival of fish; live well checks will be made between 6:00 AM and start time.
  • No motor shall exceed the BIA rating for that boat.
  • All boats must be equipped with a working kill switch, lights and fire extinguisher.
  • While the boat is on plane, all boat occupants must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket and the kill switch must be properly attached to the driver.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be carried on-board or consumed by any fishing participant while on the water or during official tournament hours.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in immediate disqualification!
  • This is an individual angler tournament. Fishing buddies who enter may not combine their best fish at weigh-in.
  • Maximum of two (2) individual anglers may fish on one boat; a third “non entrant” is allowed to be on the boat to drive, but may not fish. 
  • Limit of three (3) fish per angler at weigh-in.
  • All fish must be taken by from the public areas of Lake LBJ by rod and reel methods only, using artificial baits only; prepared pork strips, buck tails, and feathered type lures are considered artificial baits.
  • Only one (1) rod and reel may be in use by each person at one time. Other rods may be rigged in the boat, but not in use.
  • No wading, bank fishing, kayaks, or inner tubes will be allowed while fishing; you may not leave the boat to retrieve fish.
  • Electronic tracking equipment, except for depth finders and GPS units, are prohibited.
  • No trolling is allowed. Electric motors may be used to maneuver, but may not be used to activate or drag a lure. Drift fishing with the wind or windsock is allowed.
  • Anglers may not fish within one hundred (100) feet of another entrant or within one hundred and fifty (150) feet of an anchored or tied tournament boat with the trolling motor up without permission from that boat’s occupants; a power pole down is considered an anchored boat.
  • All fish must be alive at weigh-in. Ice may be added to the live well to aid in the survival of fish. Entries with dead fish will be disqualified.
  • All contestants must cooperate with reasonable requests from tournament officials on and off the water.
  • Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or any federal, state or local laws, or brings unfavorable publicity to this event or the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified.
  • Contestants are subject to polygraph examination at the request of the tournament director. Failure to submit to or pass a requested examination will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Any protest must be made in writing to the tournament director within 15 minutes after the last angler has weighed in. The Tournament review board, made up of TABC directors and Sunrise Beach VFD representatives, will immediately review the protest.
  • All decisions of the tournament directors are final.

Prizes every hour for catching the most fish!

Kid’s Perch Jerk

10:30 AM until 2:00 PM. Three age groups: 6 and under, 7 to 11 years, and 12 to 15 years.

Submit the RSVP form and your kids fish free!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is closed for this year.

Interested in next year? Email with your sponsorship questions and someone will get back to you right away.

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